The Problem with Being a Hobby Developer.

I love Game Development. Everything from The creative process allowing your imagination to run wild, creating something that brings smiles, laughter and all the way to conquering bugs and problems that inevitably arise. Its something that seriously juices me.

But even though i love it. Sometimes my energy levels for doing it can drop to empty. This can be from a number of different things. 

But number 1 i would say would have to be full time work and actual job.

Cause im a hobby developer and have no real industry experience or schooling behind me. Its difficult to find work in the industry. I would donate my time for experience if i had time, however that wouldnt stop the bills. So i find myself in a position where im working 10 hour days during the week for a company to get by.

After a full 10 hour day or 50 hour week, it can be hard to get the motivation or energy required to work on your passion project’s.

Realistically it will never stop me from doing what i love. However it does slow down the process. 

One day though i will be doing what i love as a job. Whether by some miracle i work my way into the industry or perhaps make enough off my projects so that it can sustain my development periods.


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