Showing what you’ve got

For those who dont know me i generally am a pretty outgoing guy. Even though i would classify myself as an introvert i normally walk the line of being an extrovert or at least push myself to be. So in awkward social situation i can blend in or am vocal enough to meet new people an communicate.

However on Tuesday this week i tried to take my game to a small developer meet up in melbourne. I was hoping to show everyone what i was working on and also get some pointers and maybe even some advice as to what i can do better.

But here is were trouble started to show. I have been working on this game for along time and it really is my baby. So showing people became some what of a challenge. I was so nervous to even load it up. In the end i only showed 1 person before hiding it again and running away. I literally have not felt that nervouse since i went for my drivers license.

Now at this point i could have beat myself up and got depressed cause it didnt really go down as i had planned. But i decided very clearly, “This is not the end”. Ive already planned to go back and have also clarified what i want or need to get working for showing.

So although it wasnt the resounding success i had been hoping for there is always a silver lining And you should never give up on your dreams.



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