Using Unreal Engine

When i first started this journey a year or two ago. I didnt know much about game development. Except for some basic flash games i made back in my teens id never really learned any coding or even delt with an engine. So picking up ue4 when it came out was both daunting but exciting.

UE4 I believe has been a super crucial part to my game development learning. Not only is the community super helpful it is also an astounding piece of software. After a couple months of playing with it i found my self building blueprints with a fair bit of ease. And also super surprised to see things working.

Now it hasnt all been bright colored rainbows and lollipops. What unreal does it does very well. However i believe its more so geared towards 3d development then 2d. Now dont get me wrong in can indeed do 2d games. However i find some of the support for 2d and other 2d programs to be lacking.

But with that being said i am loving my time with it and feel like im always learning and getting better with each day.



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