Building a Beat Em Up Style HUD in UE4

For Stuffing! I really wanted to build on some of the core things i think beat em up’s really did well. And one of them was a shared camera and hud. But how to do this?

There are lots of tutorials for doing huds online. But there all quite basic and none of them really offered anything close to what i was trying to create

The Style i was looking for is was in the vein of castle crashers. Where a character portrait is seen across the top with name score and health.

So how to set this up. I figured widgets would be the easiest way to accomplish this task. But how. There wasnt much on how to. First of all i worked out what i wanted to do on paper. Then tried to figure how i would parse information.

I created essentually 4 widgets to create this look and feel. First of all i created the GameBorderWidget. This widget would house each of the players individual huds. Now because this doesnt belong to any one player i got it to initialise from the Level Blueprint.




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