Hello and Welcome…

Hello, everyone.

My name is Damien and I’m a Hobby Developer. What is a hobby Developer you may ask? Well if I had to summarize it, I would place it slightly under an Indie Developer. Basically, i work two jobs (not in the games industry) so I essentially develop when I have time.

That Being said, I’m incredibly passionate about game design and would one day like to be doing it full time. Until then, I will be updating this page whenever I make some awesome progress I can’t contain myself and a quick video update which I will do once a month.

Currently, i’m working on my first major title called Stuffing!
Stuffing is a 2D Beat Em Up and spiritual successor to the heyday of Super Nintendo and Arcade Classics such as Battletoads, Double Dragon, Turtles Arcade, and Vendetta.

As I’m the only one working on this and it’s a bit of a pet project, progress can sometimes be slow. So Chill out Relax and say hey.


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